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Internet Explorer Mobile makes it easier to surf the web on the go. It includes handy features such as tabs, which let you open multiple webpages at once. (You'll need a cellular data or Wi-Fi connection to browse the web in Internet Explorer. To learn more, see Connecting: how and when and Connect to a Wi-Fi network.)

Internet Explorer Mobile

To open a webpage

  1. On Start, tap Internet Explorer Internet Explorer Start icon, then tap the address bar.

  2. Type the web address. As you type, Internet Explorer will suggest possible matches. If you see the site you're looking for, tap it.

  3. Otherwise, tap Go Go icon.

  4. To refresh a web page, tap Refresh Refresh icon in the address bar.

  5. To stop a webpage while it's loading, tap Stop Cancel icon in the address bar.


  • Need to search the web? Press the Search Search button button. Or type your search term into the address bar in Internet Explorer.
  • Don't see a list of suggestions when you enter an address? In Internet Explorer, tap MoreMore icon > Settings, and then select Get suggestions from Bing as I type. (You can also access Internet Explorer's settings through Settings Settings icon on the App list.)
Tabs page in Internet Explorer
Tabs make it easy to hop between sites

To use tabs in Internet Explorer

You can open six separate browser windows (called "tabs" in Internet Explorer) simultaneously. Tabs provide a handy way to jump around to multiple websites.

  1. On Start, tap Internet Explorer Internet Explorer Start icon, tap More More icon, and then Tabs.

  2. Tap New New icon to open a blank tab.

  3. To switch between tabs, tap the thumbnail of the tab you want to see full screen.

  4. To close a tab, tap Close Close icon on the tab you no longer need.

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