Six reasons to choose Windows Phone

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The world’s most personal smartphone


Windows Phone has Live Tiles, which bring personalized information right to your Start screen. Pin your friends and family to see their timeline posts, status updates, and tweets in real time. You can pin apps, websites, music albums, and whatever else you can’t live without.

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Pick a favorite photo to shine through certain Tiles. Another way your Windows Phone reflects what matters most. Learn more


You can rearrange your Start screen Tiles and adjust their size based on the stuff you care about. With two to three columns of personalized Tiles and the ability to switch your phone’s accent color, make it how you want, whenever you want. Learn more

Take your best shot


Everyone’s a great photographer with Windows Phone. Whether you want the Windows Phone with the best video recording or prefer one with 41 megapixels for detailed photos, there’s a Windows Phone for you. And no matter which you choose, you can shoot, edit, and share photos instantly.

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Apps like Instagram and Photosynth help you enhance your photos. Lens apps, built in to your camera, add great filters and special effects.


Capture multiple photos with one press of the camera button, so you can get that perfect action shot.
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It’s easy to find photos since they are automatically organized by date, location, and activity.

Windows across all your screens


Your life is full. Full of people, events, music, photos, and videos. We’ve reinvented the Windows experience across all your screens—phones, tablets, and PCs—so you can shoot, share, work, and play anywhere.

With OneDrive, your photos, home videos, and Office documents go wherever

you go.1

Create, edit, and share Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. Then sync them automatically to OneDrive. Learn more

It’s the perfect companion to help you stay connected on the move. Upgrade a regular phone call to a Skype video call with just a tap.
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Find movie times, local deals, directions, and more. Local Scout lists nearby happenings, Bing Music tells you the song that’s playing, and Bing search will find

exactly what you need.2

Xbox in your pocket


Windows Phone is the only phone with Xbox built-in. On Xbox Live you can stay connected to gaming achievements, friends,

and multiplayer action, all across your phone, PC, and console.3
Don’t forget about Xbox Music and Xbox Video, which allow you to bring your favorite music and movies wherever you go. With Xbox in your pocket, you’ll always be entertained.

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A world of apps


Find the apps you love on your Windows Phone. Discover apps that send real-time updates to your Live Tiles. Whether it’s new Vine videos or daily deals on Groupon, the stuff that matters to you is alive on your Start screen. And Windows Phone is always on the

lookout for new apps based on your preferences.4

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Do more with Windows Phone


Windows Phone is now optimized to help you do more. You get an intuitive smartphone keyboard, intelligent storage, better data usage, a battery that lasts longer, and much more.

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The world’s fastest, easiest, and most intuitive smartphone keyboard. With shape writing, you can glide your finger over the screen,

saving time and effort.5


In one swipe see notifications like email, texts, and social media updates. You can also access four personalized quick actions, so you can easily switch on and off Wi-Fi, Airplane mode, and more.
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Turn it on when you’re running low to make the most of your battery life. Learn more


See how you’re using storage and easily transfer apps from your phone to SD card, to maximize space. Learn more


Get a clear picture of how you're using your data and find solutions for conserving it, like free Wi-Fi hotspots. Learn more


Connect to free Wi-Fi hotspots automatically. It can also connect you to your
friends' Wi-Fi networks.6 Learn more

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