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Did you know that your phone includes a built-in FM radio? That's right, you can tune in to your favorite station whenever the mood strikes you. Catch the news or just get your groove on.

To listen to a station

  1. Plug in your wired headphones (they double as an antenna).


    Wireless (Bluetooth) headphones can't be used to listen to FM radio.

  2. On Start, tap Music + Videos.

  3. Flick to Zune, and then tap Radio.

    Zune menu in Music + Videos
  4. To choose a station, do one of the following:

    • Swipe left or right to go up or down the dial. (If you flick instead of swipe, you'll jump to strong stations and skip over weak stations).
    • If you've added some favorite stations, tap Favorites Favorites icon to see them.
    Radio tuner


  • Tap Play Play icon or Pause Pause icon to start or stop playback.
  • When the screen is locked, press the Volume UpVolume Up buttonor Volume DownVolume Down button buttons to show the mini playback controls. You can use the controls to pause or resume the radio or to skip to the next or previous station.


As you switch channels, you might see info about each station, such as its genre and what song or program is currently playing. It's up to each station to choose what they broadcast, so you might not see info for every station.

To add or remove a favorite station

To tune into stations more quickly, try adding a few as favorites.

  1. Tune in to a station.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • To add the station as a favorite, tap Add Favorite Add Favorite icon.
    • To remove the station as a favorite, tap Remove Favorite Remove Favorite icon.


    To show your favorite stations, tap Favorites Favorites icon. You can also pin your favorite station to Start by pressing and holding the station number. To learn more, see Pin things to Start.

To switch between speaker and headset modes

  1. While playing a station, tap and hold the station number.

  2. Tap Switch to speaker or Switch to headset to switch between the two options.

To switch radio regions

If you travel internationally, you might need to switch the radio region setting to listen to FM radio when you're abroad. If you do change this setting, don't forget to switch it back to the original setting when you get home.

  1. While playing a station, tap and hold the station number.

  2. Tap Settings.

  3. On the Radio screen, tap the Region box, and then tap the name that corresponds to your desired radio region.

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