What do the icons on my phone mean?

Tap the top of your phone's screen and you instantly get information about network connectivity and signal strength, battery power, time, and much more.

The status bar will also appear momentarily when things change on your phone, so you'll get specific information about your phone at relevant times. For example, if your battery is running low, the status bar will show the low battery icon.

The following picture shows the order that icons appear on the status bar with corresponding descriptions for the different icons below.

Icon order on status bar

1. Cellular signal strength

Very high signal icon

Very high signal strength

High signal icon

High signal strength

Medium signal icon

Medium signal strength

Low signal icon

Low signal strength

Very low signal icon

Very low signal strength

No signal detected icon

Extremely low signal strength

No signal icon

No signal because your phone isn't connected to a cellular network.

Airplane mode icon

Your phone is in Airplane mode. Cellular, Wi-Fi, FM radio, and Bluetooth connections are all turned off simultaneously when you turn on Airplane mode. (However, you can still turn Wi-Fi, FM radio, and Bluetooth on separately.) See What's Airplane mode? for more information.

SIM card missing icon

SIM card is missing.

SIM card locked icon

SIM card is locked. For more information, see Use a PIN to lock my SIM card.

2. Cellular data connection

GPRS icon


EDGE icon


3G icon


4G icon




RTT icon


EVDO icon


EVDV icon



The cellular data connection icons might look different on your phone and can vary by mobile operator.

3. Call forwarding

The Call forwarding ( Call forwarding icon) icon appears when call forwarding is turned on. To learn how to forward calls, see Make and receive phone calls.

4. Roaming

The Roaming ( Roaming icon) icon lets you know that your phone is roaming and not using your home cellular network. For more information, see What's data roaming?


The Roaming ( Roaming icon) icon might look different on your phone and can vary by mobile operator.

5. Wi-Fi connection

Very high Wi-Fi icon

Connected to a Wi-Fi network. The icon is animated when your phone is trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network. For info about setting up a Wi-Fi connection, see Connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi not connected icon

Wi-Fi is turned on, but your phone isn't connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Internet sharing icon

Cellular data connection is shared with other devices over Wi-Fi. For more info, see Share my connection.

6. Bluetooth device

The Bluetooth ( Bluetooth icon) icon indicates that a Bluetooth device is connected to your phone. To learn more, see Pair my phone with a Bluetooth accessory.

7. Phone profile

Vibrate mode icon

The phone is in Vibrate mode.

Silent icon

The phone is in Silent mode.

For more information about changing your phone profile, see Ringtones, sounds, and volume.

8. Keyboard and location

Shift on icon

Shift is on.

Shift lock icon

Shift Lock is on.

Fn on icon

Fn is on.

Fn lock icon

Fn Lock is on.

English language icon

English (United States) (ENU) is the current keyboard language. The letters that appear depend on the current keyboard language. To learn more, see Change my keyboard language.

Location icon

An app is accessing your phone's current location information. For more info about location awareness and services, see Location awareness and my phone.


  • The following icons only appear if your phone has a hardware keyboard: Shift on (Shift on icon), Shift Lock on (Shift lock icon), Fn on (Fn on icon), Fn Lock on (Fn lock icon), and Keyboard language (English language icon).
  • The Location (Location icon) icon might not appear on all phones and depends on your phone manufacturer.

9. Battery

Battery charging icon

Battery is charging.

Plugged in fully charged icon

Phone is plugged in and battery is fully charged.

Full battery icon

Full battery power

High battery icon

High battery power

Medium battery icon

Medium battery power

Low battery icon

Low battery power

Critically low battery icon

Critically low battery power and needs to be charged.

Unknown battery state

Battery power or state of the battery isn't known at the current time.

Battery Saver icon

Battery Saver is on.

To conserve your battery, see Battery: making it last.

10. Clock

The clock displays the current time.

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