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Synchronising documents with SkyDrive

With Microsoft SkyDrive, you can get to your documents from virtually anywhere. Start working on a document on your computer, then continue on your phone. Or you can do it the other way around. To get started on your phone, sign in with your Microsoft account, then go to the Office Hub.

To sync documents from SkyDrive to your phone

  1. On your phone, sign in with a Microsoft account.

  2. In the App list, tap Office Office icon.

    You'll see that your SkyDrive has been added to Places. Flick to Recent to see documents on SkyDrive that you've recently opened from somewhere else. Other documents that you've recently opened on your phone will appear there too.

  3. To open a document, do either of the following:

    • Flick to Places, tap SkyDrive, tap a folder, then tap on a document or notebook to open it.
    • Flick to Recent, then tap a document.
  4. If you can't see the file you're looking for on SkyDrive, you can do any of the following in the Office Hub to search for it:

    • To search for a document, flick to Places or Recent, tap SearchSearch icon, then start typing the file name. Tap the one you're interested in to open and edit it.
    • To search for a particular note, flick to Places, tap SkyDrive, then tap a notebook to open it in Microsoft OneNote Mobile. In OneNote, tap SearchSearch icon, then type a notebook name, section name, page title or a word or two that might appear in a note. Tap Enter Enter icon, then tap a notebook, section or page to open it.


  • On SkyDrive, you can access both your own Office files and those that other people have shared with you.
  • When you save changes to a file that's on SkyDrive, the changes are saved to SkyDrive.
  • A OneNote notebook that's larger than 50 megabytes (MB) can't be synchronised to SkyDrive.

To save an existing document to SkyDrive

If you already have a document on your phone, opened from email on your phone or on a Microsoft SharePoint or SharePoint Online site, you can save it to SkyDrive from your phone.

  1. In the Office Hub, flick to Places, then tap the place where the document is.

  2. Tap and hold the document, tap Save to > SkyDrive.

To save a new document to SkyDrive

  1. In the Office Hub, flick to Recent, tap New New document icon > Word or Excel.

  2. Add the content you want, then tap More More icon > Save.

  3. Type a name in the File name box, then tap the Save to list > SkyDrive > Save.

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