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Personalising your phone with your photos

Some snapshots are so great you just can't get enough of them. And Windows Phone provides lots of ways to celebrate your best shots. You can add them to your Favourites in the Photos app, or use them to decorate your Start and lock screens.

Start screen background on Windows Phone 8.1
Choosing a photo to use as your background on Start


This topic is about Windows Phone 8.1. If your phone is running Windows Phone 8, some options and icons may look a little different, and some features may not be available. Check to see which software version you have and find out if an update is available.

To add a photo to Favourites

  1. On Start Start button, tap Photos Photos icon.

  2. Find a photo and tap to open it.

  3. Tap Favourite Not favourite icon. (You can tap Favourite Favourite icon again to remove the photo from your Favourites.)


Want to quickly add more than one photo to Favourites? In the Photos Hub, tap Select Select icon, tap the photos you want to add, then tap FavouriteNot favourite icon.

To personalise your Photos Tile

Windows Phone 8.1 brings new options for the animated Photos Tile on your Start screen.

  1. In the App list, tap Photos Photos icon, then tap More More icon > Settings.

  2. Under Start Tile shows, do one of the following:

    • Tap All photos to see some of the photos saved on your phone.
    • Tap Favourite photos to see some of the photos you've marked as favourites.
    • Tap Single photo to display the photo of your choice. (To pick the photo, tap Choose photo.)


Tap Shuffle now to change the mix of photos shown on your Start Tile.

To pin your favourites to Start

  1. On Start Start button, tap Photos Photos icon.

  2. Swipe over to Favourites.

  3. Tap More More icon, then tap Pin to start.


  • You can pin other albums to Start, too – even online albums. Go to Photos Photos icon > Albums, tap and hold the album you want to pin, then tap Pin to start.
  • Want to use a photo as the background on the lock screen? Find and open the one you want, Tap More More icon, then tap Set as lock screen.
  • You can use a photo as the background on your Start screen too. To learn how, see Personalising your Start screen and theme colour.

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