Windows Phone 8 security and encryption

Microsoft Answers Support for Windows Phone 8

Robust security helps protect information and privacy.


Comprehensive security and encryption

  • Secure boot. Windows Phone 8 secure boot allows only verified software components to execute, which supports platform integrity and helps protect against malware.

  • Code signing. Windows Phone 8 operating system services and applications are signed with a Microsoft certificate. This approach helps protect against malware and ensures that only trusted code can run.

  • App sandboxing. Windows Phone 8 app sandboxing prevents malicious apps from gaining unauthorised access to data and delivers a trustworthy platform for business apps.

  • Information rights management. Windows Phone 8 comes with full rights management support to help protect your organisation's intellectual property and is a cost-effective way of helping to prevent data leaks.

  • BitLocker device encryption. To help keep everything from documents to passwords safe, Windows Phone 8 encrypts the operating system and data files. With device encryption turned on, any file saved to the phone is encrypted automatically.