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Synchronising calendars and to-dos

When you set up an account from Outlook or Windows Live, the calendar associated with that account will be synchronised to your phone and will automatically stay in sync. To learn more about setting up your accounts, see Setting up or deleting an email account. Once the accounts are set up, your phone will synchronise the following appointments (these settings can't be changed):

  • Two weeks of past single-instance (non-recurring) appointments.
  • All future single-instance appointments.
  • All recurring appointments that have occurrences within the last two weeks or at any time in the future.

The to-do list on your phone will automatically synchronise with your Windows Live or Outlook task list, depending on which account the to-do list is created in. To learn more about to-dos, see Creating, editing or deleting a to-do.

When you set up an account from another service, you might be able to sync the calendar associated with that account by doing the following:

  1. From Start, flick left to the Applications list, press Settings Settings icon and then press Email + accounts.

  2. Press on the account name, then select Calendar to sync that calendar to the phone.

  3. Press Done Done icon.

If you're using an Outlook calendar without Microsoft Exchange, you won't be able to synchronise your calendar to your phone. However, you can move the calendar's content to Windows Live, then sync your Windows Live calendar to your phone. To learn how, see the Synchronising Outlook Contacts and Calendars to Windows Phone 7 tutorial in Microsoft Support.

Viewing multiple calendars

Windows Phone supports multiple Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) accounts. So, if you have multiple calendars from different services (Exchange or Windows Live, for example), you can view them all together on your phone, each represented by a different colour.

Calendar with multiple accounts and meetings
Calendars from three different accounts

You can also view multiple sub-calendars within your Windows Live account. To show or hide sub-calendars, go to Calendar, press MoreMore icon > Settings, then turn each calendar on or off.

If you've set up a Facebook account on your phone, you'll see your Facebook events in your calendar. If you get a lot of Facebook invitations, you can reduce calendar clutter by filtering out events that you haven't responded to. In Calendar settings, press on Only show Facebook events I've responded to.


When you set up a Google email account on your phone, the calendars might not synchronise to your phone, depending on what version of the Windows Phone 7 software your phone has installed. For more information, see Synchronising Google email, contacts and calendars FAQ.

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