Photos Hub

In the Photos Hub, you can flip through photos you've taken on your phone, browse through your online albums or catch up with your friends' latest snapshots.

Photos Hub
  • Photo collection – View your photos and videos by album or date, or see what's on the camera roll. Tap People People Tile to see your friends' photos, and tap and hold an album – yours or someone else's – to pin it to Start.
  • Favourites – Flick to Favourites to see a rotating showcase of pictures you've tagged as favourites. To pin your favourites to Start, tap See all, tap More More icon, then tap Pin to start. To learn more, see Personalising your phone with your photos.
  • What's new – Here you'll find the latest photos your friends have uploaded to social networks. Tap All accounts to change which social networks are represented here, or tap a photo to post a comment, tag a face and more.
  • Apps – Want to add a quick photo effect? No need to exit the Photos Hub – your photo apps will show up right here. (Developers have to enable this for their apps, so you might not see every photo app you have.)
  • Hub background – There are two ways to change the background image in the Photos Hub – you can choose a single picture (tap MoreMore icon > Choose background), or shuffle a selection of your favourites (tap More More icon > Shuffle background). Whichever you choose will show up on the Photos Tile on Start too.


In addition to taking photos, you can also sync photos and videos with your computer.

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