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A lot of the things you'd normally keep in your pocket or purse can be stored digitally in your Windows Phone Wallet, such as credit cards, membership cards and vouchers. You can add new items to your Wallet, and set up a Wallet PIN to protect your purchases.

If your phone is running Windows Phone 8.1 (the latest version of Windows Phone) you can add additional items, like event tickets and boarding passes, to your Wallet. Look for an attachment in an email with the extension .mswallet, and tap the attachment to add it to your Wallet. Certain apps can add items to your Wallet for you, and you can even set up reminders when you're near a place where an item can be used, or when a voucher is about to expire.

Wallet screen
A typical Wallet on Windows Phone 8.1

Here are some things you can put in your Wallet:

  • Credit or debit cards – Purchase apps and games in the Windows Phone Store, or simply keep track of your card account info. And if your service provider and phone support it, you can even set up credit or debit cards to make NFC purchases in shops. (This requires a special, secure SIM card.)
  • Boarding passes – Show and scan your boarding pass at the airport or coach station (only available in Windows Phone 8.1).
  • Event tickets – Show and scan tickets to concerts, sporting events and more (only available in Windows Phone 8.1).
  • Loyalty cards– Show and scan your loyalty cards at the supermarket or your favourite restaurant.
  • Membership cards – Check out books from the library, check in at the gym and more.
  • Vouchers – Keep track of your Bing deals and other vouchers.
  • Windows Store and Xbox gift cards – Redeem your Windows Store and Xbox gift cards, then spend them on apps and games in the Windows Phone Store. (You can also use them in the Windows Store and select Xbox stores.)

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