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Kik Messenger
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Kik Interactive, Inc.

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  • Windows Phone 8.1
  • Windows Phone 8
  • Windows Phone 7.5
  • Windows Phone 7

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  • جهات الاتصال
  • هوية الهاتف
  • مكتبات الصور والموسيقى والفيديو
  • خدمات البيانات
  • طلب هاتفي
  • خدمة الإشعارات
  • الكاميرا
  • HD720P (720×1280)
  • WVGA (480×800)
  • WXGA (768×1280)
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14 million users love Kik! It's the fast, simple, and personal smartphone messenger that connects you to everyone you love to talk to.
Here's why you'll love Kik:
FAST: Kik is hands-down the fastest, most reliable smartphone messenger available. And with sent, delivered, read and typing notifications, your conversations will come to life. 
SIMPLE: We believe that simplicity is the ultimate in sophistication. We've spent thousands of hours making sure Kik is the easiest, most beautiful way to send messages and pictures.
PERSONAL: Your Kik username - not your phone number - is your Kik Identity, so you can keep complete control of your privacy. No wonder Kik is the number one way people connect in other social apps like Instagram, SocialCam, and Viddy.
Here's what our users have to say:
- Amazing app!  And so, so fast.  Katie, UK 
- The best way to keep your personal information private.  Phil,
- SOOO much better than WhatsApp! Loli, App Store review
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  • بقلم Prof 25/09/35
    Bad bad bad bad I can't even open it!!!
  • بقلم qutaiba 24/09/35
    Its too bad i cant share youtube or meems & i can see my prof pic ... & the wallpeaper never change its need abig update
  • بقلم saleh 24/09/35
    مخيس يحتاج الى تحديث
  • بقلم bebo 22/09/35
    فيه مشكله تعليق ويبي له هندسه ديكور
  • بقلم mido 20/09/35
    Baaaaaaaaaaaad & suuuuuuuucccccckkkks review,,
  • بقلم يزيد 17/09/35
    حدثوه فجاه طلعني وماصار يسجل دخول
  • بقلم atheer 17/09/35
    fix it can't open it !! & plz we need kik's features.. Like stickers, sketching,..etc
  • بقلم Mohammed 14/09/35
    برنامج خايس ، ماتجي التنبيهات الا اذا فتحت البرنامج ، وبعد فتره كل ما ادخل للبرنامج يطلعني.
  • بقلم ahmad 12/09/35
    Please upgrade this version of kik on windows phone devices
  • بقلم muhammad 07/09/35
    Sign in failed error occurred This problem is from 3 days since I came to Saudi Arab from Pakistan please resolve it